Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is:

To establish a nurturing, caring Preschool setting in which children thrive, learn and become ready for school.

Our Mission is:

​To ensure holistic, child-centred provision using best practice models of Early Learning and Development from the U.K and International programmes of study.

To work alongside families and parents, creating close and open communication between Preschool and home.

​To develop independence, social and communication skills in preparation for the transition to Primary School.

Childcare Wymondham

The Hummingbird's Story

In our work and play, we are inspired by the story of the hummingbird. The hummingbird’s story is one of self belief and achievement. In this story, although he was very small, the hummingbird tried his best to make a positive change in the world, and be the best he could be.

Our belief is, that we can all strive to be like the hummingbird, and “Do the best we can.”

The Story of the Hummingbird is reproduced by kind permission of The Greenbelt Movement.

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